As of March 2020 there are 7.8 billion people in the world. It took over 200,000 years of human history for the world’s population to reach 1 billion, and only 200 years more to reach 7 billion. Asia is the most populous continent, with its 4.54 billion inhabitants accounting for 60% of the world population. The world’s two most populated countries, China and India, together constitute about 36% of the world’s population.

Africa is the second most populated continent, with around 1.28 billion people, or 16% of the world’s population. Europe’s 742 million people make up 10% of the world’s population as of 2018, while the Latin American and Caribbean regions are home to around 651 million (9%). North America, primarily consisting of the United States and Canada, has a population of around 363 million (5%).

The State of Florida has 21.48 million people … Hillsborough County has 1.47 million, Pinellas County 974,996 and Pasco County 553,947 people.

Approximately 26.3% of the global population is aged under 15, while 65.9% is aged 15–64 and 7.9% is aged 65 or over. The median age of the world’s population was estimated to be 29.7 years and is expected to rise to 37.9 years by 2050.

According to the World Health Organization, the global average life expectancy is 71.4 years, with women living an average of 74 years and men approximately 69 years. However in the USA those numbers are way low as life expectancy is 78.5 years of age, with females living an average of 81.4 and males 76.3 years of age.

The Han Chinese are the world’s largest single ethnic group, constituting over 19% of the global population.  The world’s most-spoken first languages are Mandarin Chinese (spoken by 12.44% of the world’s population), Spanish (4.85%), English (4.83%), Arabic (3.25%) and Hindustani (2.68%).

The world’s largest religion is Christianity, whose adherents account for 31% of the global population; Islam is the second-largest religion, accounting for 24.1%, and Hinduism the third, accounting for 13.78%. Around 16% of the global population reported to be non-religious.

Here are country-by-country population breakdowns:

#1) China 1.393 BILLION people

#2) India 1.31 BILLION people

#3) USA 328.2 million

#4) Indonesia 264.9 million

#5) Pakistan 210.8 million

#6) Brazil 210.3 million

Others of Interest:

Russia 146 million

Mexico  127.5 million

Japan 126.5 million

Canada 37.5 million