We here at Good Morning Clearwater are proud to announce that we have been on the air for one year! Tracy and I decided to start this business, did a lot of studying, came up with a format, printed business cards, price lists and flyers, met with Lola from the Tan Talk Radio Network and went on the air March 2, 2020.

Getting up at 6:00am five days a week, preparing articles and listening to news stations, learning how to work together on air and making two hours interesting is not an easy task. Our first week was exciting but we kept hearing about this Covid-19 thing that was going to shut everything down. Say what?? Shut everything down?? That hasn’t happened in the USA … we have overcome World Wars, 9-11 Attacks, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and tons of other problems and we are going to let the flu shut down businesses, schools, sporting events and holidays? No way!!!

As you all know, that happened on March 15, 2020 as here in Florida all bars, restaurants, concerts, gyms, spas, schools and almost everything else shut down. What were we going to do? With the financial help of a great friend (we will call him Mr.RR) we were able to stay on the air. We didn’t make a dime for a while but we stayed on the air. When all was said and done, we lost a bunch of money but never missed one day of broadcasting Good Morning Clearwater.

Here we are one year later and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have managed to sell a few ads, make a few great new friends, tighten up our show and we are ready to attack 2021 with vengeance! Every show is broadcast on FaceBook & YouTube (you can catch past programs or watch us live). We are currently averaging between 1,800 and 3,000 views per days. Our listenership is growing every week and we are hearing our friends (and many strangers) say they listen to us in the morning and enjoy the program!

We want to thank all of you who have watched or listened to the show. We also want to thank Lola for giving us this opportunity, Big Ed for being a great producer and all of our amazing advertisers. Let’s keep the ball rolling and make 2021 a great year !!