It’s time for March Madness and college basketball takes over as the number one sport in the country. First Round games will be played Friday March 19 & Saturday March 20 … Second Round games will take place Sunday March 21 & Monday March 22 … Sweet Sixteen games will be played Saturday March 27 and Sunday March 28 … Elite Eight games will be played Monday March 29 and Tuesday March 30 … The Final Four will take place on Saturday April 3 and the Championship game on Monday April 5.
There will be millions of brackets being filled out worldwide and the percentage of anybody having a perfect bracket is slim and none! Upsets are what makes this so exciting. Small schools having the chance to play the big schools and every year there is a “Cinderella Team” that shocks everybody.
Here is my bracket. I wish I had the guts to pick the upsets I think may happen. I will let you know that first and second round games are where the big upsets happen. I will be betting on a few of these “underdog teams” taking as many points as my off-shore betting account will give me!
Here is a list of the underdog teams I am thinking about: Winthrop +6.5 over Villanova … Utah State +5 over Texas Tech … Liberty +7.5 over Oklahoma State … Morehead State +13 over West Virginia … Grand Canyon +15 over Iowa … Eastern Washington +11 over Kansas … UCSB +7.5 over Creighton … Ohio University +7.5 over Virginia.
That said, when it’s over and done, I have Gonzaga (#1 seed) … Baylor (#1 seed) … Illinois (#1 seed) … and Alabama (#2 seed) in the Final Four. I think The Zags win it all in a great game against Illinois. I really wanted to pick a few crazy longshots but I just couldn’t do it!
Good luck to all and have fun watching an exciting tournament!